How to Make a Memorable Entrance (SPONSORED)

 - Apr 2, 2014
References: youtube & heinekenusa
Last month Heineken invited a bunch of unsuspecting New Yorkers to an interactive theater production and put them on the spot to be the Guest of Honor. Check this video out to see how it went down. It pays to say "Yes" to destiny and become the Guest of Honor.

Want to be the Guest of Honor at any event? Check out these tips.

That Tricky First Impression
Psychologists know that first impressions are important--most people will form an opinion of you within minutes, if not seconds, of meeting you. That's why if you want to be a true Guest of Honor, you need to make an entrance that wows everyone in the room, giving people the impression that you're someone they need to meet.

This is a skill that takes practice for most people. You want to evoke tasteful confidence, not cocky swagger. Keep your head up, your shoulders back and smile, making solid eye contact with people in the room. But not too long, you don't want people to think you're trying to assert your authority or put the moves on them!

Dress Code 101
Of course you'll want to look sharp. Do your research before you show up at the event. Are people dressing formal or can you get away with jeans and a blazer? If you’re going business casual, which is probably what people will expect if there’s no stated dress code, you can’t go wrong with an oxford broadcloth button down and some dark jeans with chukkas or brogues. If you do decide to compliment your look with a blazer, make sure it’s not so loud that it clashes with your shirt, and that it fits for the season so you’re not sweating the moment you walk inside. A little spritz of cologne will do. If you really want to make a statement, a pocket square, tie clip, or some other subtle calling card will help make you the guy people want to meet.

The least formal of all dress codes allows you to wear or not a tie. Patterns and textures are welcome, so are button-down shirts and dark jeans (no holes, no effects). If you are in doubt of looking too informal, you probably are. So tuck in that shirt mister! Classic wool sport fabrics like tweed and windowpane are always recommended. Make sure to not wear suit jackets as sport jackets, or you will go straight to style-hell. As for shoes, feel free to rock your chukka boots, loafers or brogues.

The Grand Entrance
When you pass through the door, pause and step to the right to let others in. You don't want to be a limelight hog. This is your chance to survey the crowd and give your friends some love. But here's a crucial turning point. Where most guys would make a beeline for the bar or a cluster of people they already know, this is a great chance to meet some new folks and solidify your position as the Guest of Honor. Move through the crowd, chatting people up as you go. Introduce yourself. Ask people how they know the host. Follow up with more questions about that history. If you get to a point where you can't think of something charming to say, you can always fall back on, "So you guys want some drinks, I haven't hit the bar yet..."

There you have it. Get outside your comfort zone. Tune in next time for part two in this series.