- Mar 23, 2019
The March 2019 world list is a good resource that focuses on traveling, hotels and region-specific innovations.

A definite highlight is Freddy Mamani's El Alto. The architect took it upon himself to completely reshape and direct the aesthetic of "one of the youngest cities in Bolivia." The result is absolutely striking and it renders the location a travel-worthy destination. Freddy Mamani focused on a bold architectural approach that embraced traditional connotations and fused them with high-impact ornamental detailing and colors. The style has been deemed as "New Andean Architecture."

Another noteworthy example in the March 2019 world round-up are the two micronations that are now Airbnb-friendly. The first model country goes by the name of The Empire of Atlantium and is in Australia, while the second is called Danville and is in Florida.

From Conductive Airplane Seats to Travel-Friendly Model Countries: