PeakVisor Informs Users About the Major and Minor Ranges in the World

 - Feb 11, 2019
References: peakvisor
PeakVisor is an informative mountain app that will surely appeal to outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. It relies on a cutting-edge 3D compass and altimeter that can identify the name and altitude of an in-view peak. All individuals have to do is open the mountain app and point the camera to the peak to receive the information.

PeakVisor has a rich database that incorporates both major and minor ranges, as well as a Sun Trail that is quite useful for photographers looking for "the perfect time for a snap." With more than 867,088 summits, the app is also able to identify 25,000+ castles, 11,000+ mountain huts, and 2,000+ waterfalls, making it quite valuable to the outdoor explorer. Moreover, the information of the mountain app is downloadable, therefore, individuals do not have to depend on Internet connection too much.