- Mar 30, 2019
The March 2019 travel trends work towards delivering a more seamless experience to what is naturally a tedious task. Transportation can be unreliable due to all the contributing factors and the list of travel ideas this month aim for a better overall experience.

The Gucci Places online app features components that cater to fans of the fashion house and general travelers as well. Tapping to fashion fans, it gives an exclusive look to the house's creative director Alessandro Michele's personal studio along with notable historical elements that brought Gucci to where they are now. Users could explore the landmarks throughout Europe for a luxurious travel experience. Montblanc's new collection in collaboration with BMW 8 Series Coupe is a perfect blend of travel and luxury as well. It is a limited edition selection that is designed to not only visually match the car's design aesthetic but also perfectly fit inside the car's boot.

From Fashion History Travel Apps to Car-Compatible Limited Luggage: