From 90s Raver Editorials to Couture Holy Month Catalogs

 - Jul 26, 2015
These July 2015 fashion trends range from 90s raver casuals to couture staples that celebrate the holy month of Ramadan. As the resurgence of nostalgia begins to take over the fashion industry, past style references are becoming more relevant for today's generations.

Whether drawing inspiration from ravers or punks from the 90s, major fashion houses and style publications are reviving retro clothing and beauty looks that are evocative of the past. In addition to the month's nostalgic staples, these July 2015 fashion trends also take a cultural direction -- from Ramadan-inspired lookbooks to exotic runway shows that reference Native American garb.

Moroever, the month's sportswear continues to dominate the casual market and is focused on both performance and aesthetics. In addition to style-focused sneakers, these athleticwear examples also include celeb-curated collections and sporty runways that feature a cinematic inspiration.