The Aishti Magazine Avred Colvin-Smith Editorial Displays Rocky Shores

 - Jun 12, 2015
References: aishti & suprememanagement
The Aishti Magazine Avred Colvin-Smith editorial featuring model Alice Cornish showcased an exceptionally rocky backdrop for readers of the publication. In this, the photographer exhibited the beauty of shorelines, especially as a backdrop for modern fashion.

Stylist Magda Bryk dressed Cornish in a series of primarily blue, brown and black pieces, all of which matched the backdrop unveiled in this Aishti Magazine production.

Make-up artist Joanna Banach matched the natural landscape displayed here with nude lip tones, barely there cheeks and light eye shadow. When taken together, these cosmetic additions helped Cornish blend in in large part with large boulders, giving way to an unusual set that merged haute couture with the outdoors in a seamless manner.