The Triumph of Form by Andrey Yakovlev is Strikingly Artistic

 - Jun 9, 2015
It wouldn't be surprising if a person mistook the Triumph of Form series as a collection of retro paintings rather than the fashion photographs they really are. Not only are the looks strikingly vintage, but the finish of each image is paint-like, giving the series a bit of a surreal element.

Shot by photographer Andrey Yakovlev with art direction by Lili Aleeva, the Triumph of Form photo series stars models Sofia S, Anastasia V and Alla A. The fact that they look unreal is a true compliment. After all, they could easily be perfect characters dreamed up for this project. Their flawless beauty looks were done by makeup artist Natalia Bondarchuk and hair stylists Oxana Zavarzina and Anton Dimitriev.