From Mouthy Dessert Marketing to Plaited Paper Packaging

 - Apr 17, 2014
Independent brand packaging has been getting more and more creative. In order to get products noticed, smaller brands have to think big with marketing strategies. As consumers, we're seeing more creativity and variety on the shelves, which is only making our decision-making process even harder.

A lot of brands have been taking the vintage route when it comes to packaging. For instance, Devil's Peak Beer has created a bottle and label design that's reminiscent of retro glass ale containers. Furthermore, the psychedelic typeface on the label is sure to get noticed amongst its contemporary competition.

However, a brand doesn't have to borrow from the 70s in order to be seen. Non-vintage examples of packaging could be a brand like Lick frozen yogurt, which capitalizes on its name for a cheeky double entendre.