Fatworks Oil Packaging Sheds the Visual Weight of Too Much Image and Text

 - Jan 23, 2014
References: hol444.wix & packagingoftheworld
The creator of Fatworks oil packaging hoped to do away with the heavy image of traditional fat products, in favor of a scheme that exuded lightness and simplicity. A pair of techniques was employed by Sol Garcia to make these scrumptious products more enticing in their plain states. This method concerns the container and the label.

The transparent vessels were left without stickers -- a choice that keeps the cooking oils from looking too cluttered. Minimal text was applied to describe the products and to mark them with their brand name. The decision to use jam jars was a thoughtful one too. Fatworks oil packaging might remind you of your own domestic practice of emptying grease and lard into reused glass containers. This idea communicates a sense of trusted home-cooked quality.