Kim Soonhee's Rice Paper Branding is Simple & Evocative of Nature

 - Apr 10, 2014
References: packagingoftheworld
'Onsaemiro' is a rice paper packaging project by student Kim Soonhee of Hoseo University in South Korea, developed to satisfy the growing need for health-conscious products.

The rice paper itself has an unusual coloring in both a brownish red and a gray, which is also reflected in the coloring of the packages. The leaf-like shapes of the containers also borrow from the shape of the rice paper itself and like the translation of the word "Onsaemiro" itself, this is a reference to nature.

Rice paper is quite thin, transparent and typically doesn't have a lot of personality as compared to some other foods. Aside from the light coloring and the woven texture on the rice papers, this packaging concept manages to give the simple, healthy food some additional much-needed interest.