- Jan 18, 2013
This year was a great year for food trends, as 2012 saw the rise of the urban foodie and his/her accompanying cuisine blog. The Internet and food go together like peanut butter and jelly -- or rather, according to this year's hottest food fads, bacon and anything. A lot of the appeal of food is based in its visual appeal, which works well with your average Web user, not to mention the opportunity for very in-depth DIY tutorials.

Recipes reigned supreme on Trend Hunter this year, with instructions on how to make everything from impaled head cake pops to unicorn poop cookies available at a click of the mouse. Whether you're interested in trying your hand at cooking or simply salivating all over your keyboard while browsing through some photos of funky cupcakes, these micro food trends, have just what you need. Check out Trend Hunter's Food Trend Report for a more in-depth look at the bigger implications of this year's food trends.

From Squirmy Edible Insects to DIY Bacon Bouquets: