The Wakasu Portable Sushi Maker Molds Homemade Meals into Fun

 - Jun 20, 2012
References: industrialdesignserved
Too quickly, homemade lunches can lose their luster. The Wakasu Portable Sushi Maker strives to keep you craving your healthy and economical creations with a crisp and clever snack box that infuses your food with fun.

Looking quite like a thermos at first glance, Ruixiao Zhang's invention is optimized for easy carrying and compactness. The ring-shaped top can be carried as a handle or hooked to the outside of your bag. Upon dismantling the bamboo cylinder you'll find a handroll-cutting string in the cap, a soy sauce dish in the base and a maki mold tucked inside. Once you've combined your ingredients, at home or at work, you need simply close the Wakasu Portable Sushi Maker to turn your seaweed-wrapped treat into scrumptious stars and triangles.