America's Nutrition Evolution is a Graph About Food Choices

 - Feb 25, 2012
References: frugaldad & frugaldad's America's Nutrition Evolution infographic aims to separate "what we think vs. what we do," in evaluating the changes in the USDA food guides as well as diet related illness, and tips for adjusting your diet. Healthy living guides are continually evolving as science progresses and many learn more about what bodies need, as well as the effects of fast food and the possible consequences of a poorly organized diet. points out that in the US alone, 30% of the adult population is facing obesity and that diabetes will be as common as one in three people by the year 2050. The America's Nutrition Evolution infographic dispenses scary statistics, like that 70% of America's restaurant meals are fast food, and that 10% of caloric intake comes from high-fructose corn syrup.