This Happy Meal Infographic Deciphers Food Marketing Aimed at Children

 - Feb 28, 2012
References: holykaw.alltop's Happy Meal infographic, officially titled 'How Happy is the Meal You're Paying for? A look at the ingredient of marketing meals to children,' is a comprehensive and critical examination of the tactics used to sell fast food to kids. The McDonald's Happy Meal is a perfect example of the quick low-cost "kid's meals" are directed at children solely because of its inclusion of a free toy with purchase, a practice that has come under intense scrutiny in recent years.

The Happy Meal infographic examines the statistics associated with McDonalds' famous product, which, for example, represents $3 billion in US sales, more than the total sales revenues of Burger King or Wendy's. The interesting graph also looks into the new health standards that are a product of new legislation in the US for meals that include a toy giveaway.