Crack and Enjoy These Deceptive and Delicious Easter Egg Cupcakes

Easter is just around the corner and blogger Stef, from the astounding baking blog ‘Cupcake Project,’ got into the spirit by crafting these Easter Egg Cupcakes. Baked inside the technicolor shells of dyed Easter eggs, these captivating cakes will keep your guests guessing until the first bite. If these cupcakes weren’t clever enough, Stef also added a sunny yolk centre simulated by cream cheese dyed yellow.

These Easter Egg Cupcakes are as fun to look at as they are to eat. Unlike most cupcakes, these fragile confections demand a bit of finesse to enjoy, but therein lies the fun and magic of peeling egg shell off a golden cake centre. If you’re looking for a surrealist sweet, these Easter Egg Cupcakes are the perfect sugary head trip.

Unexpected, fun and oddly beautiful, these Easter Egg Cupcakes are simply astounding.