Unicorn Poop Cookies are Proof that Unicorns Exist

Unicorn Poop Cookies are not only proof that unicorns do exist, but they are also proof that unicorns poop cookies. It also turns out that these delicious droppings are rainbow-colored and sparkly due to the unicorn's regular diet of happiness. These swirly treats are topped with little tiny stars, each one representing the hopes and dreams of a child. They probably taste like beauty and imagination, which go great with a cold glass of milk.

If you are lucky enough to come across some unicorn poop cookies while roaming the forest, the shape and texture of the cookie can tell you a lot about the unicorn. Unicorn experts will be able to tell how long ago the unicorn was there and how big it was. If you happen to find a highly rare unicorn poop cookie, eat it and you will gain magical powers that allow you to touch peoples lives -- well, not really, but I bet these are delicious.