- Feb 24, 2019
The February 2019 modern list predominantly centers around the evolution of furniture design, architecture and the dynamic of the workplace.

Strides are being made with the reimagination of the traditional office environment. This month, firms like Work & Co and SDI explore the future of work through highly adaptable, modular and collaboration-forward arrangements. The modern office examples include a mobile solar-powered co-working office in Cape Town, privacy-centric repurposed phone booths and a DIY-style flexible office system.

Other innovative February 2019 modern ideas are concerned with the larger world of architecture. They embrace smart design practices and minimalism to a large extent — from 2001's contemporary stoic rectangular home in Luxemburg to OOAK's slickly modern cliffside house on the Karpathos Island.

From Functional Artistic Cabinets to Art Deco Chair Designs: