- Jun 22, 2012
This incredible collection of dapper dandy gents embrace their appreciation for refined clothing. The dandy harks back to the late 18th century, when men began to place an importance upon their style and pursuing an aristocratic lifestyle. One of the icons for dandyism is the Irish writer Oscar Wilde, who is often referenced as seen in Oscar Wilde editorials.

These gentlemen truly embrace their dandyism, often referencing classic pieces with a contemporary twist, whether it is wearing mismatched plaid suits or dashing eggplant-toned tuxedos.

The modern dandy strives to use well-tailored clothing as a way to draw attention to their personalities. Colorful pieces such as floral-infused menswear from the runway of Alexander Mcqueen to Giuliano Fujiwara’s manly skirt-suit lookbooks. These men are not intimidated of brave fashion, because they believe in dazzling everyone through details.

From Oscar Wilde Editorials to Retro-Modern Menswear: