Aristocrat by David Wang Captures Dapper Boys in Deep Tonal Value

Despite the lush and lavish domestic surroundings in Aristocrat by David Wang, the viewer may find himself a little ill at ease. Male model Philipp Kharabarin looks dashing and debonair in slick blazers, tight jeans and unbuttoned collars, but there's a slightly unsettling darkness to these black and white spreads.

The photographs are beautifully captured and fine-tuned to reveal every detail of the scenes. One might expect the absence of color to dull the images, but this editorial goes to prove that in fact the opposite is true.

Thick draperies, intricate area rugs and heavy wooden furnishings give the set a look of heaviness. Aristocrat by David Wang can't help but show the way that the weight of the spaces affect the psychology of the subject.