The Christopher Shannon Spring/Summer 2013 Pieces are Embossed

The Christopher Shannon Spring/Summer 2013 collection showcases an alternative and entirely bizarre approach to menswear. Frilly clown-like hats are worn by the dapper men here, each with its own particular assortment of red, blue and white pieces of hanging cloth.

Supporters of the Christopher Shannon brand have heralded the labels use of ornate headgear on the catwalk. Brimmed caps and elevated crowns have been staples of past lines, and while this has held true for some time, the Spring/Summer 2013 display has taken this infatuation with male craniums to a whole new level.

The facial coverings exhibited here are likely the first aspect of this Christopher Shannon production that one would notice, and yet, this does not serve to take away from the assortment of exquisite oxford shirts and cape-like sporting jackets.