From Cartoon Confessionals to Life-Size Cartoon Homes

 - Dec 6, 2009   Updated: Jul 20 2011
Caricatures and cartoons are fun for kids and adults alike. For kids, Saturday morning cartoons are a staple of childhood. For adults, Adult Swim has attracted more than a few devoted fans. Check out these caricatures and cartoons for some of the latest and greatest in animated entertainment. Technological advancements have made it relatively easy to turn live video into cartoons, and Photoshop does wonders with whatever media you're working on.

Implications - My favorite of these cartoon re-imaginings has got to be the cheerless cartoon vigilantes, which features a bunch of my favorite Marvel superheroes sporting frowns on their faces as opposed to their usual fierce and menacing looks. I'm also partial to edible cartoon art, which recreates famous Disney images using fruits.