DIY Simpsons Episode Creatively Handcrafted on a Coffee Table

 - Jul 27, 2009
References: & blog.makezine
I’ve had the chance to enjoy the Simpsons for two decades now and I’m not in any rush for it to end, from video games and comic books to this creative craft, a mosaic Simpsons table.

The Simpsons table was completely handcrafted while referencing photos of particular characters. The chosen event of the table is (whats appears to be) C.Montgomery Burns (owns the Power Plant) grinning at Lisa Simpson and Milhouse as they underage drink (Lisa w/Duff Beer, Milhouse w/Wine), while Moe (the bartender) scowls at their actions.

It’s quite skilled for being unfamiliar with the show and looking at pictures. I’d probably not want to eat off of it (or off of a plate and off of it).