Erotic Art Gets Flirtatious & Fun At the PEEP! Show in LA

 - Apr 28, 2009
References: la.metblogs
Erotica gets flirty, sexy, and fun at the PEEP! show. Erotic art is no longer about stark boring images with the same stereotypical themes. It’s quirky and kinky, from sexy cartoon girl bunnies, paintings, to real life divas. What’s different is the fun, flirty feel of the work, proving erotic art does not have to be so serious and intimidating.

The artists at the PEEP! show are expressing their sexuality through tongue in cheek humor and art. Heidi Bluegirl a Los Angeles photographer and curator brings this Erotic Spring Fling to us May 2nd. Heidi is obviously aware of the new trend in erotic art.