From Patchy Pink Hairdos to Lingerie Baseball Spreads

 - Nov 8, 2011
The trifecta of All-American fashion has always been composed of Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, and this gallery is to honor the latter’s contribution to the fashion world. The brand was founded in 1968 by the designer of the same name and has been going strong since then.

In fact, the term "going strong" may just be the world’s biggest understatement. The cK emblem is a truly iconic logo, and who hasn’t owned a pair of Calvin Klein underwear or jeans at one point in time?

The current creative director at Calvin Klein is Francisco Costa, a Brazilian-born designer who worked under Mr. Klein until he took over the company in 2003.

Take a look through this gallery of Calvin Klein features for a look into the iconic brand.