From Grilled Cheese Deliveries to Toy Rental Services

 - Aug 31, 2014
The most popular August 2014 business ideas represent a growing consumer demand for convenience and affordability. While the presence of niche subscription services is still very strong, businesses are also expanding in the services and products they offer on a rental basis.

Thanks to a new service called 'Vow To Be Chic,' bridesmaids no longer need to stress over the cost of their outfit for their best friend's special day. The service offers chic ensembles for weddings that can be worn the day of and returned shortly after.

Similarly, 'Pley' is service that lets parents rent LEGO toys for their children. For $15 a month, subscribers can have new sets of LEGO delivered to their home every month and picked up at the end.

Delivery services like beer and grilled cheese sandwiches are also becoming the norm.

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