Trend Hunter's Jaime Neely Discusses Points-Based Social Bartering

 - Jul 2, 2014
Everyone loves a good customer rewards program, especially if it involves social bartering. Trend Hunter Senior Editor Jaime Neely offers her favorite social media reward programs, from competition-driven travel apps to social media-based shops and point-rewarding browsers.

Through a social bartering campaign, Kelloggs allowed customers to pay for new boxes of their Special K cereal using branded tweets. Another method of social bartering involves pitting people who love finding online travel deals against each other, competing to find the best deals and saving in the process. The Voyando app differs, however, from the Wrangler Mileage App, which rewards users for taking adventurous routes. Or if you'd rather play it safe from the comfort of your own home, Jaime's number one pick offers points to people simply for browsing the internet through a Google Chrome extension.