Carl Corey Captures a World Dominated by Big-box Retailers

 - Jul 29, 2014
References: carlcorey & fastcodesign
Disappearing family businesses is becoming an everyday occurrence "in a world dominated by big-box retailers," observes Fast Co Design. Yet that doesn't make this inevitable extinction go down anymore smoothly. People also live in a world dominated by nostalgia, making it impossible to let go of the past as easily as corporations and franchises would like.

Photographer Carl Corey has put together a poignant photo essay documenting a handful of disappearing family businesses in towns across his home state of Wisconsin. He spent two years capturing 100 businesses from barber shops to furniture stores and roadside diners for his new book, 'For Love and Money: Portraits of Wisconsin Family Businesses.' Corey says, "I didn't want the book to be more somber than celebratory, but I learned a lot about this and it did become more of a historical document than a social or cultural document because of the fact that these businesses are disappearing."