- Apr 27, 2019
It is evident from the April 2019 autos round-up that manufacturers are working on pushing forward the autonomous concept and the vision of the flying vehicle, as well as enhancing safety features for passengers.

Volvo, for example, is currently in the trial phase of its autonomous electric bus which can accommodate 93 people and is expected to securely roam the roads in Singapore. InterSection is another autonomous concept by Volvo which is expected to pick-up passengers and foster a connection between them.

In terms of flying, the April 2019 autos contain some examples and one of the more noteworthy ones is Goodyear's flight-friendly convertible tires. The safety features, on the other hand, include Volvo's eye movement-tracking AI which counters drunk driving and Ford's distraction-free car info displays.

From Autonomous Electric Buses to Gear-Free Electric Motorbikes: