From Sicilian Senior Campaigns to Raw Supermodel Shoots

 - Apr 4, 2015
These April 2015 fashion photography trends range from Sicilian senior campaigns to raw supermodel portraits that promote fresh-faced and makeup-free looks. The fashion industry's recent focus on individualism has replaced recognized models with unconventional beauties, senior citizens and street style stars who have no experience with editorial or campaign work.

Embracing authenticity and honesty, these April 2015 fashion photography trends celebrate real and untouched beauty. Drawing inspiration from reduction--a business pattern discussed in New York Times Bestseller 'Better and Faster: The Proven Path to Unstoppable Ideas'--these examples prove that less is more when it comes to contemporary fashion imagery.

Instead of overly edited and posed shots, today's visual aesthetic relies on images that are more understated and spontaneous rather than those that seem unnatural, unrealistic and too pre-planned.