Arnaldo Anaya Lucca Captures Shirtless Models for Out Magazine

Henrik Fallenius, Emilio Flores, Matt Waters and Jason Boyce star in 'Spring Cleaning', photographer Arnaldo Anaya Lucca's latest exclusive for Out Magazine. The image series boasts raw and revealing images of its models and is reflective of the fashion industry's recent focus on understated photography.

While past seasons featured imagery that was overly photoshopped, these candid portraits are the complete opposite, revealing intimate shots of each model. Arnaldo Anaya Lucca is known for capturing images that are revealing, not only in their choice of wardrobe but also when it comes to their emotion.

Out Magazine's 'Spring Cleaning' editorial features grooming by Enrico Mariotti and proves that spontaneity and candid photography are replacing imagery that is too posed or edited.