- Feb 21, 2015
Rugged fisherman runways, grunge hiking gear and nostalgic 90s apparel are just some of the February 2015 fashion for men trends taking the industry by storm. While commercial fashion is moving in a more elegant and practical direction, bespoke and designer clothing is becoming more niche and whimsical.

While the past few months saw a rise in minimalism, these February 2015 fashion for men ideas are more daring, eclectic and artistic in their overall feel. They range from deconstructed denim collections, masked martian runways and even craft project apparel that draws inspiration from childhood.

Juxtaposing function with fantasy, the fashion industry is once again embracing theatrical and imaginative clothing. While function is important for mass consumers, unique craftsmanship and sculptural details are regaining popularity when it comes to editorial coverage and runway impact.

From Rugged Fisherman Runways to Grunge Hiking Gear: