L'Optimum Thailand's Italian Job Story Features Fabio Mancini

Americo Cacciapuoti captures 'Italian Job' L'Optimum Thailand's vacation-themed editorial that features supermodel Fabio Mancini. The photographer captures Fabio as he sight-sees through urban streets, as he poses in lush gardens and while he enjoys Italy's famous espresso beverages.

Celebrating the beauty of Italy, L'Optimun Thailand's 'Italian Job' fashion story embodies a sleek and sophisticated air. The editorial boasts wardrobe styling by Atinan Nitisunthonkul and highlights lightweight suiting, printed silk shirts and relaxed casuals that are exotic and tropical in their theme. This mix of crisp tailoring and bold prints is synonymous with many Italian fashion labels including Versace, Armani and others.

Known for his suave personality and flamboyant style, the typical Italian man is the inspiration behind this striking image series. The Fabio Mancini editorial marries nautical suits with sporty ensembles and sets a luxe tone for the season ahead.