This Dolls Kill Collection References Alternative Youth Culture

 - Mar 19, 2015
References: dollskill
When it comes to fast fashion marketing, appealing to the norm often wins out over taking a risk. In the case of this lookbook, e-retailer Dolls Kill opts for a more daring approach and creates an advertorial that draws inspiration from alternative youth cultures.

Referencing pastel goths, ravers and grunge kids, this lookbook proves that fast fashion marketing will garner attention when it breaks the mold. The image series is an edgy take on classic school girl styles and is titled 'You Can Sit With Us', a more inclusive version of the iconic Mean Girls film quote.

Dolls Kill's latest collection features a mix of graphically printed statement tees, neon sweatshirts and sky-high platforms that are a raver must-have. The line also features custom smartphone cases, whimsical stuffed animals and even swimwear that will turn heads at the beach.