From Eclectic Personality Campaigns to Fabulous 90s Fashion

 - Jan 15, 2013
Just like all clothing fads, 90s fashion has made a comeback with a vengeance as it has increasingly appeared on runways and in retail stores.

Not one specific style defined the era, but was rather described by a myriad of looks. In the earlier years, bright neons, leggings and exercise gear was the look of the moment. Grunge and punk looks, which were defined by oversized flannel button ups, frayed shorts and Dock Martens also became popular in the early years and continued to maintain steady popularity throughout. For the girlier types, platform heels, crop tops and plaid skirts à la Spice Girls and Clueless were very happening, especially among the youthful crowd.

Whatever your 90s fashion choices were back in the day, several of these looks are back. So, for those who have kept that cute crop top or crushed velvet dress lying around, this is now your chance to bring them back into your wardrobe yet again.