9 Famous Sweaters is a Collection of Memorable Men's Apparel

 - Sep 12, 2011
References: founditemclothing & blog.thaeger
Autumn is here once again and I'm sure a couple of you out there wouldn't mind having a few of these iconic sweatshirts from this 9 Famous Sweaters poster. Featuring cardigans worn by Mr. Rogers, Bill Cosby, Ned Flanders, Kurt Cobain and even Ferris Bueller, the illustrated collection of sweaters is sure to make its viewers say "Aww" with fond nostalgic memories of the '80s and '90s.

The 9 Famous Sweaters poster comes courtesy of the movie, clothing and culture blog It Goes To 11. Perhaps the only sweater in the collection that will raise a couple eyebrows is Freddy Krueger's. After all, who wants to associate such a comfortable piece of clothing with a nightmarish killer?

Implications - One method of gaining empathy and trust from consumers is through the use of nostalgic imagery, as it establishes a personal and familiar connection between a company and its clientele. Corporations may consider using nostalgia imagery to build stronger consumer bonds, which in turn leads to more frequent and longstanding business relations.