From Screaming Child Star Sweaters to Punny Potter Tees

 - Nov 16, 2013
If you're a huge fan of cinema and classic films, then these ensembles for movie fanatics will definitely have you lusting after all these unique movie memorabilia clothing designs.

When films become huge hits and successes worldwide, characters and concepts within those movies often become ingrained within pop culture and fashion. And these ensembles for movie fanatics are showcasing some examples of how popular films such as Star Wars, Harry Potter and old school hits such as Home Alone have creatively made their way into mainstream culture. Allowing movie-goers the opportunity to showcase their love and appreciation for classic films and quotes, these clever ensembles will surely showcase just how much of a movie buff you really are.

From teen wizard swimwear designs to DIY Star Trek uniforms, these ensembles for movie fanatics will surely make a great addition to any film buff's wardrobe.