This 'That's What I'm Tolkien About' Top is Ideal for Lord of the Ring Fans

 - May 10, 2013
References: qwertee
If you are looking for a shirt that shows off your wits and your passion for puns, this 'That's What I'm Tolkien About' top is your answer. This shirt will not disappoint and is unlike any graphic tee you currently own for two reasons. First, it features a magnificent play on words. In the place of saying that's what I'm talking about, this shirt uses the last name of the Lord of the Rings author J.R. Tolkien instead. The result is the redesigned phrase that's what I'm Tolkien About.

The second reason, which fits nicely with the first, is the shirt's reference to the Lord of the Rings series. This epic fantasy tale of a Hobbit and his pals' quest to save Middle-earth from evil first appeared in print and were later remade into blockbuster hits. Perfect for both ladies and gentlemen, this 'That's What I'm Tolkien About' top will be a hit with pun-lovers and devoted readers of J.R. Tolkien's literary classic.