These Lacy Superhero Shirts from Fancy are Stylishly Sassy

 - Aug 1, 2013
References: fancy
With stylish superhero shirts, even the most average pedestrian can feel a little more super than his/her usual self. These fantastically cool superhero sweaters from Fancy are one of these products that add some otherworldly powers to otherwise land-locked people.

The sweaters use Batman as their primary superhero inspiration. Their long sleeves, paired with their pitch-black hue make for a gothic look that is definitely reminiscent of Gotham City. On the sweaters' fronts, written in a bright yellow font, is the question: "Are you calling me a superhero?" The sweaters' backs show yellow outline of the Batman symbol. Within the symbol is a lacy material, giving the sweater an edgy, rebellious vibe.

The question posed on the sweaters' fronts makes for an extremely sassy outfit. While it is asked in a presumably sarcastic tone, most people would have to admit that they wouldn't mind being called a "superhero" once in a while.