These Tees from the Bambee Store Are a Nice Twist on a Traditional Shirt

The classic t-shirt is given a touch of geek-chic goodness in this fine collection of styles from The Bambee Store. The shirts are all available in a monochromatic, black-and-white color scheme, but all feature an embellished pocket on the front that is designed after a pop culture icon.

Including such designs as Star Wars, Dr. Who, various characters from Marvel comics, the collection from The Bambee Store are an interesting way to show off your admiration for the franchise without going overboard. Because only the pockets are vibrantly colored, the collection of tees are quite basic and say more by actually saying less.

While I'm personally eyeing the Star Wars one, all of the designs are great and will likely have people curiously staring at your pocket wondering where you'd gotten your awesome tee.