These Motherly Snaps Celebrate the Series Finale of HIMYM

 - Apr 1, 2014
The Series Finale of HIMYM -- 'How I Met Your Mother' -- recently aired, and left many feeling sad over the show's ending. I'm sure the bored children seen throughout the course of 'How I Met Your Mother' were relieved that the story had an end.

Meeting the mom was the premise of the entire show. Moms have played a pretty big role in influencing pop culture, and these photo shoots, editorials and ad campaigns all take inspiration from moms.

One editorial features a mom in an almost unhealthy embrace with her grown children, another features Mom as a working woman leaving dad to be Mr. Mom, while an ad campaign celebrates Mom as a warrior against unhealthy lunches. Despite all the different types of mothers in the photos, they were all inspired by the same thing.