Anne Galan Shoots Hip Hop-Inspired Outfits for Wrong Magazine

Photographer Anne Galan captures the essences of the early 90s for Spanish publication Wrong Magazine. Shot in Barcelona, Galan captures model Sam Lin who dons on outfits that would not be out of place on Will Smith during his time as protagonist of the comedy sitcom Fresh Prince of Bel Air or a member of Boyz II Men. The editorial mixes emerging talent with pieces from luxury fashion brands proving that the 90s are making a comeback.

The new fashion designers featured in the spread are local talents such as Manuel Bolaño, Ixone Elzo, Victor von Schwarz, Selim de Somavilla and El Colmillo de Morsa. Established brands including Givenchy, Vivienne Westwood, Asos and Marc Jacobs are also prominently featured. This photoshoot for Wrong Magazine manages to capture what is in for upcoming menswear collections.