From Gothic Gown Couture to Apocalyptic Menswear Attire

 - May 21, 2014
These darkly dynamic runways embrace fashion's departure from innocence. Whether channeling a vintage inspiration or a sinister one, the bold catwalk presentations defy one's expectations.

Gothic gown couture, apocalyptic menswear collections and masked model accessories are just some of the memorable staples that make these presentations a stand-out for fashion followers. While gothic gown couture looks to the past for inspiration, masked model runways paint a frightening and dystopic picture of the future that awaits us.

Face-concealed accessories, combative couture and vigilante inspired fashions embody a true definition of danger. Furthermore, these fashions intimidate its audience and embody a sense of power that is both uneasy and unwelcoming. The clothes become an armour for individuals and become one's source of identity and protection within our often harsh world.