The Feels Like We Only Go Backwards Editorial is Skater-Inspired

The 'Feels Like We Only Go Backwards' portrait series by photographer Burhan Prawira features model Zsofi. Zsofi channels an elegant delinquent as she poses in a wardrobe that mashes up classic sophistication along with a gritty skater aesthetic.

With 90s inspired hair and makeup by beauty artist Abby, the model takes on a mystical persona reminiscent of the past and pulls of daring ensemble combinations hand-picked by wardrobe stylist Dara Asvia.

From gown and sneaker combos to skirt and skater hat pairings, the Feels Like We Only Go Backwards editorial defies tradition and goes against the grain. Lensed in a remote outdoor setting, this striking photoshoot embraces eccentricity and dares to stand apart from the crowd.