The Gallery Steinsland Berliner 'Bartolomew' Depicts a Bygone Era

 - Apr 3, 2012
References: steinslandberliner & vice
Stockholm's Gallery Steisland Berliner is set to feature its 'Bartolomew' exhibit, a project that will feature a collective display of iconic 1990s imagery. Mixing the era-informed styles of artists like Jason Nocito and Santiago Mostyn, all of the pieces share a common nostalgia-inducing theme, leaving any child of the era desirous of Saved by the Bell episodes and Nirvana music videos.

The Gallery Steisland Berliner Bartolomew series showcases CDs, VCR tapes and Tiffani-Amber Thiessen posters. Although now productions of the past, these iconic images have been commemorated for their representation of a classic time period, and are furthermore perfect examples of the way in which popular culture tends to shift without any advanced warning.

Representatives of the Steisland Berliner Bartolomew exhibit have maintained that they wish to promote the themes of adolescence and the essential 1990s vibe. Through their mixture of multimedia items, they have accomplished exactly that.