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Sweat Power

Kinetic installations allow visitors to provide energy to buildings through exercise

Implications - A renewed interest in personal health and the environment has fueled a rise in kinetic public installations that let passersby participate in energy generation. By converting passive energy into electric energy, buildings can satisfy power needs and cater to a fitness- and eco-minded market.
10 Featured, 36 Examples:
614,330 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Oct 06 — Apr 10
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

play_circle_filled Energy Generating Dance Floors
Energy Generating Dance Floors
A Sustainable Dance Club
An innovative firm named Enviu has developed the world’s first energy generating dance floor as part of their Sustainable Dance Club.  From Enviu: Producing and consuming in a responsible manner are… MORE
Green Gym Equipment
Green Gym Equipment
The EcoMill is a Self-Charging Kinetic Energy Treadmill
To work out indoors but stay eco-friendly, a person can purchase the Woodway EcoMill for $8,500. As you exercise, the battery charges so that the display maintains power. Smart. The Woodway EcoMill is… MORE
play_circle_filled Energy-Generating Subway Station Floors
Energy-Generating Subway Station Floors
East Japan Railway Harvests Power from Commuters
We've seen energy-generating dance floors, gyms and revolving doors, but the kinetic energy floors in testing at East Japan Railway Company's Tokyo station take passive energy one thrilling step further.… MORE
Gyms Powered by Exercising Patrons
Gyms Powered by Exercising Patrons
The Green Microgym
The newest gym to open in Portland, Oregon will be just as green as its lush surroundings. The Green Microgym is one of the only gyms that will take its power from a constant and considerable amount of… MORE
Man Powered Gyms
Man Powered Gyms
ReRev Green Gyms Turn Kinetic Energy into Electricity
ReRev green gyms convert the kinetic energy generated from working out into usable electrical energy. A 30-minute workout on an elliptical machine generates about 50 Watts of power, enough to charge a… MORE
Dancing to Generate Electricity
Dancing to Generate Electricity
London's First Eco Club
Britain’s first eco-friendly nightclub will open soon in King’s Cross, proving being good to the environment can be a lot of fun! The party people will dance on a modified dance floor that, due to its… MORE
Fitness-Fueled Eco Hotels
Fitness-Fueled Eco Hotels
Crowne Plaza Hotel in Copenhagen Rewards Pedaling Guests With Food
If you like working out and don't mind sweating a little on vacation, a trip to the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Copenhagen might be in your future. The eco hotel is rewarding hotel guests who pedal electricity-generating… MORE
Hedonistic Eco Nightclubs (UPDATE)
Hedonistic Eco Nightclubs (UPDATE)
What the heck is an eco nightclub? Picture a business that rewards customers by waiving the cover charge for proving that they walked or rode their bike there. Picture an establishment that requires patrons… MORE
Energy-Generating Revolving Doors
Energy-Generating Revolving Doors
NL Coffee Shop Harnesses Kinetic Energy
One of the most popular conservation mantras is the idea that every eco-friendly measure counts, no matter how small and insignificant it seems. Natuurcafé La Port, a coffee shop in the Netherlands, proves… MORE
Kinetic Gymnasiums
Kinetic Gymnasiums
Exercise Powered Micro-Island Gyms on Waterway Paths
Architect Mitchell Joachim and personal exercise trainer Douglas Joachim have proposed floating exercise powered gyms for New York’s waterways. The cost-effective, environmentally friendly urban exercise… MORE

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play_circle_filled Power-Generating Windows
Power-Generating Windows
Smart Energy Glass Light Dimming Panes Create Electricity
Wind-Powered Highway Lamps
Wind-Powered Highway Lamps
The Turbine Lights Uses Cars to Power Lighting
Mini Health Monitors
Mini Health Monitors
The HRS-I Human Recorder System Measures Health and Fitness
Fitness Tracking Gadgets
Fitness Tracking Gadgets
The Adidas miCoach System Monitors Your Excercising Habits
play_circle_filled Space-Saving Gyms
Space-Saving Gyms
The Compact 4Fitness Home Workout Centre
play_circle_filled Motion-Sensing Fitness Gadgets
Motion-Sensing Fitness Gadgets
Fitbit Tiny Clip-on Personal Fitness Tracker Has Arrived (UPDATE)
Boho Fitness Boots
Boho Fitness Boots
The Anna Sui FitFlop Shakoha Collaboration is Free-Spirited
Fashionable Fitness Anklets
Fashionable Fitness Anklets
Banglz Helps Lazy People Stay Stylishly Fit
Online Sexy Fitness
Online Sexy Fitness
Zuzana's Bodyrock.TV Helps You Get Buff for Free From Home
Solar-Powered Bus Stops
Solar-Powered Bus Stops
Johann Paquelier's Transit Design Lights Up at Night
Fitness Slings
Fitness Slings
Sungjoon Kim's ‘Recovery Sling' Can be Used for Rehab Exercise
Floating Bicycles
Floating Bicycles
Li Wieguo's Amphibious Bike is Eco-Transportation and Exercise
Fitness Desks
Fitness Desks
The Steelcase Sit-to-Walkstation Comes With Built-In Treadmill
play_circle_filled Green Employee Initiatives
Green Employee Initiatives
Jones Soda Crew Rigs Bikes to Generate Power on Earth Day
play_circle_filled Crowdpowered Transit
Crowdpowered Transit
Alex Astilean's Speedfit Treadmobile is an Exercise in Innovation
play_circle_filled Illegal Exercise
Illegal Exercise
Workouts Are a Criminal Offense in Santa Monica
Workout Equipment for Dogs
Workout Equipment for Dogs
The Canine Treadmill Will Trim Porky Pups
Cars Fueled by Fitness
Cars Fueled by Fitness
The GYM Lets You Pedal There and Row Back
Light Bulb Door Handles
Light Bulb Door Handles
The Knob Light Uses Kinetic Energy
Shrimps On Treadmills
Shrimps On Treadmills
Scientific Experiments Are Comedy Gold
Rock Climbing Treadmill
Rock Climbing Treadmill
Climb Forever on a 'Treadwall'
play_circle_filled Gravity Defying Dynamic Art
Gravity Defying Dynamic Art
BMW Kinetic Installation
Walking Workstations
Walking Workstations
The Steelcase Walk Station and The JW Treadmill Desk (ANIMATION)
11 Kinetic Energy Innovations, Free Green Energy
11 Kinetic Energy Innovations, Free Green Energy
Powering Gadgets by Walking
Powering Gadgets by Walking
Kinetic Energy Devise
Charge by Movement, Not Batteries
Charge by Movement, Not Batteries
Atlas Kinetic Phone
Smart Kinetic Energy Generation
Smart Kinetic Energy Generation
Revolution Revolving Door
Portable Treadmill Workstation
Portable Treadmill Workstation
The StepDesk
Eco-Mobile Monitors Environment
Eco-Mobile Monitors Environment
Nokia's Eco Sensor Phone
play_circle_filled Treadmill in a Hot Tub
Treadmill in a Hot Tub
Hydro Physio Lifeststyle
Treadmill Workstation
Treadmill Workstation
Steelcase Walkstation
play_circle_filled Exercise-Fuels Interaction
Exercise-Fuels Interaction
Gamercize Sport
Body Heat As Energy
Body Heat As Energy
You Powered Tech
Treadmill Bike
Treadmill Bike
Bizarre Invention From Bicycle Forest
play_circle_filled Human Powered Energy
Human Powered Energy
Get Your Butt To The Gym and Generate Some Electricity
Automated Treadmill Rebuilds Muscles After Stroke