The Amphibicruiser is an Amphibious Vehicle That Runs on Road and Water

 - Apr 17, 2014
References: amphicruiser & gizmag
The Amphibicruiser is an amphibious vehicle, built by Dutch company Dutch Amfibious Transport, which is built around a Toyota Land Cruiser engine. It is a full-fledged road and off-road vehicle that can easily be driven up a river or out to sea with minimal training or practice.

The vehicle is built around a 4.2-liter Toyota Land Cruiser engine and drives like a regular SUV on land, holding normal freeway speeds. Once the vehicle wades into water, the driver can press a button, which sends power to the water jet instead of the wheels. The vehicle doesn't travel very fast on water -- chugging along at 13 kilometers per hour -- but offers a safe, stable and practical ride.

This amphibious vehicle doesn't look particularly sleek or flashy, and that's because its sole purpose is to offer rock-solid reliability and practicality as a leisure or commercial vehicle. Starting prices for these hand-built vehicles range from $180,000 for a two-door soft top and $248,700 for a four-door, fully equipped SUV.