107 Ways To Waste Time At Work

 - Sep 22, 2008
Workplace distractions are inevitable, whether they're self-inflicted or from an external source. Several studies indicate that the average office worker is interrupted every three minutes, and that it takes just under a half an hour for that interrupted worker to get back on track. Add that to the two hours each employee spends visiting websites that have nothing to do with work each day, and you have an unbeatable recipe for wasting time at work.

If you think about it, nearly every article in Trend Hunter Magazine could be construed as a potential way to waste time at work. We regularly cover groundbreaking websites, viral videos and unique applications that are perfect to waste a few minutes--or hours--when you're supposed to be doing something else. The statistics already put your productivity at work behind the eight ball, so you'd might as well have some fun.

This cluster of 107 ways to waste time at work is an excellent way to streamline your office distractions. Rather than Stumble your way through dozens of pages, at Trend Hunter we've done the work for you.

Naturally, there are a wide range of selections here. Whether you're collecting votes for your new makeover, streaming indie music, reviewing the beer you drank last night, creating your own handbag, cookbook or pop art; touring the world with Google Earth, keeping up with the day's most viral videos, or globally tracking the dollar bills in your pocket, distracting yourself at work will never be the same.