- Sep 13, 2008
References: wheresgeorge
Have you ever wanted to put a message in a bottle and wait to hear back about how far it traveled?  If so, then you may become an addict of WheresGeorge.com.  The website is set up for users to take any US bill and register it online.  Then, it is marked with a WheresGeorge.com red stamp, and the next person who finds it next is free to look up where it has been.  The fun part is that it tracks how many miles it traveled, and how long it took to get there.  People from almost every country in the world have ended up with the marked bills and logged onto the website. 

Considering that such a small percentage of US bills are marked with WheresGeorge.com, I was lucky enough to have received one in both New York and California.  Most likely this is due to the extremely dedicated Super Trackers--people who have become obsessed with logging and stamping all currency they can get their hands on.  In the video, one man even admits he has registered 330,000 bills!  The website now hosts friendly gatherings for these tracking stars. 

For all of you Canadians out there, the original founder also started WheresWilly.com.  Happy currency tracking!