StickK to Your Goals

 - Mar 31, 2008
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StikK lets you create commitment contracts online to help honour and meet your goals, from quitting smoking and losing weight to other personal or career aspirations.

We all set goals in January, but soon after, we get absorbed in the regular day to day. That's where the commitment contract comes in. It's there to hold us accountable; it's like a virtual coach to keep us in integrity.

Since it's free to register, I thought I'd give it a go.

After filling in my name, birthday (this can be hidden later), and choosing a screen name and password, I was given the option to add more details, including an avatar.

From there, I was asked to choose a goal. They suggest things like: Quit Smoking, Exercise Regularly, Lose Weight and Vote, but you can also create your own goals. Their suggestions include Take partner on vacation; Grow a pony tail; Wake up at 8AM on weekends; Create a family tree and Finish packing for a trip.

After determining your goal, you fill in sections of the contract, like the details: is it a one-shot or ongoing contract? Then you choose the Stakes; if you don't meet your goal, a predetermined amount of your money goes to a charity, anti-charity, friend or foe, depending what motivates you. The money is then wired through PayPal if you don't meet your goal by the selected date.

Next is the option to have a Referee to verify your progress and rate your performance. The next portion of the contract asks for your Supporters. You fill in their names and email addresses, and they're updated with your weekly progress and have the ability to write in your commitment journal.

The last step asks you to Confirm. You can look at the contract one last time before agreeing to the terms.

This is really neat! It's a good way to hold yourself accountable for your commitments. It's particularly useful for those who have difficulty honouring their own word and need the buddy system to help them stay in integrity.