- Aug 29, 2008
References: backtype
BackType is a website that lets people find, follow and share comments from across the web.

Comments play an important role in social media; there are millions of comments written online every single day. BackType’'s technology crawls and indexes millions of comments so you can search them by topic or follow those written by the people you care about.

BackType gives comments a home where they can be discovered, followed and shared. It lets you search for comments on a specific topic and follow those written by the people you are interested in.

Registered users can aggregate all their comments on their profile and they can follow an aggregation of comments written or shared by the people they’re following. Blogs and other websites don’'t need to install any third party applications or plug-ins and comment authors don’t need to change their behavior.

Listening to and participating with customers in online conversations is important to businesses and brands; over 70 percent of social media conversations occur in comments

BackType search is great for businesses because they can find comments that mention their industry, products, services, competitors, etc.